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Brand Creation (Logo, Colors, Name).

Comprehensive Audio Production: Advanced editing for professional sound.

Full Custom Intro and Outro: Fully custom audio and visual intro and outro.

Strategic Consultation: 4 Regular strategy and growth meetings.

Analytics Reports: Detailed analytics and performance insights.

Advanced Video Production: High-end video editing with complex graphics and effects.

Multi-Camera Editing: If applicable, editing footage from multiple camera angles.

Custom Video Graphics and Animation: Creating custom graphics and animations for video content.

Video SEO Optimization: Optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags for better search visibility.


1 Full Episode / Week

4 mid-length YouTube Videos x Episode

10 IG/Tik Tok/YouTube Shorts x Episode

Tailor-Made Distribution Plan


In-Depth analytics and reports

Tailor-made content to impact growth and engagement


Managed completely by our team

Detailed analytics

Pre-Episode strategy session


$3,500 / Month

Special Pricing

We'll help you create a project specifically tailored to your brand and vision. Get in touch to discuss in more detail.

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