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The Secrets of Success | Patrick Manning, Managing Partner at Reef Capital Partners

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Black Desert and Reef Capital Partners Managing Partner
Patrick Manning

Patrick Manning is Managing Partner at Black Desert and Reef Capital Partners. Over his 30-year career in real estate development, Patrick has sold properties totaling more than $8 billion. He specializes in the full lifecycle of real estate projects, from acquisition and governmental entitlements to design, construction and marketing. Patrick has played a pivotal role in developing nearly 180 resorts, with Black Desert being the largest and most significant project under his leadership.

Black Desert and Reef Capital Partners

Black Desert Resort is a one-of-a-kind destination nestled amongst the ancient lava fields and vibrant vermillion cliffs of Greater Zion, where the breathtaking intersection of the Colorado Plateau, Mojave Desert, and Great Basin combines with unparalleled hospitality and amenities.

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