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How Having Empathy Leads to Success | Kyle Reyes, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Utah Valley University

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Utah Valley University Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Kyle Reyes

Dr. Kyle A. Reyes serves as Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Utah Valley University (UVU)—the largest university in the state of Utah with nearly 45,000 students. During his 20+ years at UVU, Kyle has served as VP of Student Affairs, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Officer, and Chief of Staff to the President. Dr. Reyes is also a tenured Associate Professor of Education at UVU and taught courses in Multicultural Education, Family & Community Partnerships, and Arts-based Integration. He is currently wrapping up a 5-year book project entitled, Lenses of Humanity: How Reflection, Connection, and Empathy Can Change Our World.

Utah Valley University

Located in the heart of Utah County, Utah Valley University is committed to student success. They provide real-world learning experiences near Utah’s tech epicenter and growing job market, along with a vibrant social scene. With a range of support centers and tailored academic advising, UVU invites students to come as you are and leave prepared to make a difference in the world.

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